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Te Whiriwhiringa - Whanau Ora Ki Awarua

​Whanau ora believes that Whanau have the ability to become self-managing and to take responsibility for their own economic, cultural , health and social development.

The whanau ora programme that Awarua Whanau Services have developed is named Te Whiriwhiringa. Te Whiriwhiringa is modeled on the weaving of a kete/flax kit which is designed to hold all of the taonga (skills and treasures) that Whanau already possess and those they will gain on their journey.

We are blessed to live in Murihiku where we are surrounded with resources and tautoko that we source and access with ease. This includes the range of services that Awarua Whanau services already provide our community. We also have knowledge of and access to many other services around Murihiku.

The kaiarahi (whanau ora navigator) will prepare and tautoko whanau while they write a plan and engage the necessary people, services and/or agencies to awhi (help) whanau during their journey. The kaiarahi will motivate, encourage, awhi and celebrate whanau. The kaiarahi will awhi whanau while they build their confidence and develop the ability to dream so they may see their positive future. Whanau will have tautoko while they learn and develop their skills on how to make healthy and positive decisions which will enable whanau to strive for their destiny, meet their potential, and step into their own self - determined future!

Te Whiriwhiringa is:

- for everyone!

- about whanau building and living THEIR dreams and aspirations!

- about whanau Tino Rangatiratanga (being self-determined/managing)

- about whanau strengths and THEIR potential!

Every whanau has strengths and we will work with whanau on what they already do well and what is important to them.

Whanau may have things to deal with first before they start to build their dream, we can also help with this.

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