• Mana Ngau Kemu/Game

    ​We are thrilled to finally have available the Mana Ngau kemu/ board game developed by one of our clever kaimahi. Mana Ngau is a dental health game designed to encourage our tamariki to regularly clean their teeth in a fun way. The game consists of a 685 x 685mm laminated game mat, one dice, two game pieces, plus...

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    Posted 18 Apr 2018 | Categories : Mana Ngau Kemu/Game
  • Mana Wahine Day

    ​Mana Wahine day

    What an awesome turn out we had here at Awarua!. Ka Rawe !! to the wahine who come in to have their Cervical smears.

    Congratulations to those who won the spot prizes on the day the winners were:

    3rd prize was Paula Hura who won the $25 Coupon at Major Teez Haircuts.

    2nd Prize was...

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    Posted 05 Oct 2016 | Categories : Mana Wahine Day